Q: How many prims are the horses?

A: Each horse is 14 prims, the food is 1 prims, so for 1 starter pack (4 horses) you will need 54 prims total on your land.

Q: What age is considered full grown, where the horse won’t grow any larger?

A: age 7

Q: What is the difference between the Physical, Phantom, and Off movement settings? A: The Physical Movement Setting (which is supposed to be listed as Normal) uses a semi physical movement that the physics is only on when the horse moves and off when standing still this is to reduce collisions and lag. The Phantom Movement Setting allows the horse to move in a phantom state completely eliminating collisions all together.


The Off Movement Setting turns off the movement completely but still allows the animations and sounds to function.

Q: How does the range settings work?

A: The Range is set in Meters and is the radius of a circle with the home point as the center. (The Radius of a circle is measured from the center to it’s edge)

Q: How will we know the horses are ill? When should we use the healing kits?

A: A horse will become sick if it’s hunger reaches 100%. The horse will say it’s sick in the hover text. The Healing Kit or Eating for 72 hours will Heal the horse.

Q: Is it normal for the movement to stop after the horse has become ill?

A: Yes

Q: Will the Bundles have a Hover text?

A: Yes the bundles will have hover text that will show the stats of the baby, except for gender.

Q: After “retirement” is there any point in the horse’s life that they “die” and become totally non-functional?

A: They breed for 120 day at which time they retire from breeding and become a pet.

Q: Will we get Elders (after the 120 day breeding period)

A: No they will just be retired horses

Q: What does “Send API” mean?

A: We established this button for 3rd party products. It sends the API to their 3rd party products over a certain channel.

Q: Will the studs fight with each other about a mare?

A: No these breedables will not fight or harm each other in any way.

Q: Some horses are dropping badly in happiness and some are down to less then 10%. is that normal and will they recover without riding and salt lick?

A: When the horses are under age 7 there happiness does not effect anything, they will still eat and do everything else horses should do. When they reach age 7 which is breedable age then happiness will play a factor in breeding. In order to get happiness up you will have to ride them, give them sugar cubes or put a salt lick out for them.

Q: What are the Gem eyes on the Horses?

A: There will be Dazzle eyes but you will only find out what these are through breeding.

Q: Are there hidden traits in the horses?

A: The horses have one hidden trait and one shown trait.

Q: What, if any, are the breeds that are not the starter breeder packs that we have to work to breed for?

A: We will not tell you what the “hidden” breeds are because that would take all the fun out of it.

Q: When we buy or trade horses do we need to box them before we do this?

A: No you do not. The horses may be bought or traded without boxing.

Q: Can I pick them up in inventory without hurting them?

A: Horses can be taken into inventory without hurting them but their hunger will rise in your inventory. So be sure to take them out of inventory before they become hungry enough to get sick.

Q: What does it mean when my horse has a horseshoe over its head?

A: The horseshoe over its head has to do with the loading of animations. It is nothing to worry about and once the horse continues with its next animation the horseshoe disappears.

Q: Would adding extra scripts to the horses break them?

A: You cannot add extra scripts to the horses as they are no modify. However, editing the contents of the horse will break them.

Q: I just rezzed my horse and it’s all wonky, it’s sleeping!

A: When you pick up and move a sleeping horse sometimes its prims don’t line up just right. If the horse is rested enough you can wake him/her up, if it’s too tired to wake up just give it a little while, it will be ok when it wakes up.

Q: Why do the horses legs and heads turn into spheres when they move?

A: This is due to the sculpts loading

Q: In the Hover Text will it show if the Bundle is “Charmed”

A: Yes if your bundle contains a Charmed Horse it will show in the hover text.

Q: Will the charmed horses inherit their specialty?

A: A charmed horse will increase your odds slightly of having another charmed horse but they do not pass on their specialty.

Q: Will the Charmed horses be available with the first foals already and if not… what do the parents need to be so we can breed one

A: The Charmed horses are random

Q: Will appreciation coats be available in other “charmed” horses later?

A: The Appreciation Coats were a One of a Kind, One time only horse. They are NOT Charmed Horses.

Q: Can the horses be make pet-able and able to follow you around and play later down the road?

A: As of now we are striving to give you the best possible breedable we can. We do plan some additions that we are sure you will enjoy.

Q: Something is wrong/broken/help what do I do?

A: Open a ticket: Support

Q: I can’t advertise in the ~Amaretto Ranch~ Breedables group where do I advertise?

A: There are a lot of advertising groups out there, a good one to join is the official Amaretto group:

~Amaretto Advertising Network

Q: What is a Albino?

A: The Albino is a coat that you can get when you breed two full siblings {full siblings meaning the same father AND Mother} together. Breeding an Albino with it's sibling gets you a better chance at getting an Albino. The albinos have special eyes and they can pass those on like a normal trait.